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What is UX design, and what do UX designers do? Is UX design a good career? And how does one get to work in this field? Our homes in on some of our design offices around the world and gives a glimpse into the working life of our designers.

Take the virtual tour around the world with us — Behind UX and SAP Design

🌏Palo Alto, USA
Design colleagues discuss how they got started with a career in UX design and the merits of working from within the intellectual hub Silicon Valley.

🌏Bangalore, India
The UX design team in the major IT hub of India takes us through a…

Achieving great UX design is not just a function or talent of individuals, it is an organizational characteristic — wise words uttered by Chapman and Plewes during the 2014 International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability. But how do organizations get to the point that they become user-centered, and where design is firmly integrated into all aspects of the customer experience?

Without a doubt, improving user experience maturity is a huge challenge that many organizations face. If you’re interested in exploring more, this blog post compares the different UX Maturity Models that are out there. Getting there is by…

UX champions are the people and teams driving a better user experience for their companies. They inspire a mindset change and provide the tools, methods, and leadership their organizations need to effect a UX transformation.

That’s why we’re excited to launch a new series dedicated to their stories. We’ve spent many hours interviewing both customers and partners to bring you new insights into the daily work of UX champion teams that are generally comprised of business analysts, developers, designers, UX architects, solution architects, and, of course, the end users.

UX champions logo: man and woman holding a UX trophy

Overview of the series (evolving, check back here soon!)

As we release blog posts over the next few months, I’ll…

In 2016 the IT team behind Sun Chemical embarked on a journey to learn more about Design Thinking via a free openSAP course. Since then, they have been systematically improving the operational effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes via design-led workshops, bringing over 200 SAP Fiori apps to life to support them in their daily work. In this blog post, Sasi Reddy, Senior SAP Solution Architect at Sun Chemical, shared with us their UX transformation journey, biggest takeaways, and what it takes to be a UX Champion.

UX champions

From theory to action with an openSAP course on Design Thinking

Sun Chemical is a recognized leader in printing inks, coatings, pigments, and…

If you’ve clicked on this post, you’re likely interested in learning more about user experience (UX) and design topics at SAP, but are perhaps unsure about where to get the most relevant content in a sea of information.

Below are three concrete steps you can take to stay current on our product updates, events, trainings, and more.

1. Bookmark our two main channels

We have two main channels where we exclusively publish user experience and design-related content: SAP Community and Medium. …

The design and development team behind Germany’s COVID-19 App describe the behind-the-scenes process
The design and development team behind Germany’s COVID-19 App describe the behind-the-scenes process

Last year, software designers at SAP took on an unprecedented challenge by facing COVID-19 head on with the creation of the German Corona-Warn-App, a consumer-based application that supports contact tracing for one of the biggest health crises of the 21st century.

Facing skepticism from public media and working within a tight timeline, the SAP User Experience team built the app for the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), one of the German government’s central scientific institutions. The team learned to quickly juggle multiple expectations and requirements, drown out unnecessary noise, and focus on the “critical few” in order to create something highly…

Young woman working on her laptop

Written by Nicole Windmann,
Head of the SAP Accessibility Competence Center

As UNESCO celebrates the International Day of Universal Access to Information this year on September 28, I pause to reflect on my career, what I’ve learned along the way, and what it really takes to successfully drive accessibility in the IT industry.

One of the many things that the global COVID-19 pandemic underlined was the significance of access to information and information technology in our lives. When we were suddenly locked down away from our extended family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and clients, it was technology that kept us connected…

When the first images of the new Paddington film were released back in 2014, Paddington bear was met with mixed reactions. Fans perceived the CGI rendering as a bit realistic, and Sebastián Niño, Lead Animator at Framestore VFX, recalls how discouraged and uneasy the animation team felt at the time. They had spent months painstakingly animating the motion of Paddington’s every feature and had fallen in love with the bear in the process. So why hadn’t other people?

It wasn’t until the film was released that Paddington began to win audiences over, eventually garnering 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and…

Jochen, your team recently rolled out a new internal employee portal featuring the SAP Fiori launchpad and more than 50 new SAP Fiori apps. How did this project come about?

The human resources department at Swisscom…

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